advanced flight

And here are the drills on the Advanced Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card ...

On the A-License Proficiency Card, these items are under Canopy Control:

1. Plan and fly a landing approach pattern that

promotes smooth traffic flow and avoids obstacles.

2. Demonstrate a stand-up landing.

3. Perform a braked approach and landing.

4. Land within 20 meters of a preselected target

on at least five jumps.

5. Perform rear-riser turns (brakes set and released).

6. Above 2,500 feet, perform a maximum-performance 90-degree toggle turn, followed immediately by a turn of at least 180 degrees in the opposite direction (two times).

7. Above 1,000 feet, perform front-riser dives and

turns (may be waived if insufficient strength).

8. Accurately predict the presence and effects of

turbulence in the landing area

flares and stalls braked flight riser turns low turn recovery flare turns defensive maneuvers


accuracy Check out the CANOPY PILOTING proficiency card!

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