Circle of Awareness is easy ... you already have this skill; you just didn't have a name for it.

When you are driving your car, in order to manage your attention, you keep a flow in a circle going unconsciously in your head: center the car on the road, rear view mirror, traffic around you, desired destination, talking to your friend next to you, eating a sandwich, texting (okay leave that one out!). The key to managing all these items is the circular flow. You put your attention briefly on each item in your circle of awareness, then move to the next item, never sticking on one thing or you will lose your ability to manage them all and could possibly crash. It is impossible to pay attention to more than one thing at a time, but with circle of awareness (COA), a continuous flow on a predetermined list of items, we can juggle multiple tasks more easily.

The COA technique is mostly mental, regaining awareness of your situation by intentionally and consciously controlling your attention. With increased awareness, we can actually "create" MORE time for ourselves in freefall. People who say one minute is a short period of time have never stood hungry in front of the microwave waiting on that burrito! We don't experience time in seconds; we experience it in our awareness.

Back to the driving analogy:

Fortunately in freefall, you have far fewer items to pay attention to than when you drive. Really, no matter what kind of skydive you are doing, you have three basic items in your COA:

● altitude

● me

● the world

Click on those items on the opposite page to discover more in depth about each.

or Circle of Awareness, is the key to freefall safety regardless of how many jumps you have.



click on one of the three items in COA to see more:



the world

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