If you encounter obstacles or must land in an unfamiliar area - especially if you are landing off field - these tips can help you set priorities for making the safest decisions!

Possible obstacles to avoid ...

water trees buildings power lines Avoid


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You might encounter other obstacles on landing not mentioned here. Obstacles are more prevalent when you have to land off field. Decide by 2,000 feet if you will make your 1,000 foot downwind entry point. If you cannot, and must land off field, mentally transfer the planned landing pattern to the new, clear area you choose instead.

For any obstacle landing, if you were not able to Avoid or use Brake Turns, remember to use the best Crash technique: PLF. After landing, remain still and keep your helmet on. If you are suspended, prepare to drop the rest of the way to the ground at any moment. Wait for competent, knowledgeable help (drop zone staff ) for help in getting down. Wait for assistance or further instructions if you are in contact by radio. Also, you are always an ambassador for our sport: please be polite to property owners.

Brake Turns



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